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Well Hello there!

May 30, 2012

Dear Baby,

Last Thursday morning I felt crappy. I tried to soldier on until I was at the Drive thru ATM and puked. Not quite the “Threw” they had in mind! After analyzing the situation I crossed my fingers and went home to pee on the stick. BFP almost instantly.  I took another two, just to see the lines! Then I called up my doctor who told me I could come in for a confirmation. So I chugged some water and off I went.

I got there, went through all the rigamorole and told her what was up. She sent me to provide a sample, which I did. A few minutes later she comes back telling me it was negative. I told her about the three I had taken not 2 hours ago and she was stumped. So I went to CVS and bought another set of 2 and they tested the same sample. Negative again. Nurse suggests something is wrong with the sample. I go in to provide another one, and when I got to stick it in the little door, I see that there is another sample in there already: MINE!

Turns out they were testing some poor old guys sample over and over, trying to figure out why all the other tests came out positive!

The doctors and nurses apologized over and over, and my office visit was free.

And that is how I found out you existed.  Daddy and I had wanted a baby for awhile, but we wanted to wait until we were ready for you. So when Daddy Finished college, and got a great new job we started trying to have you, and we succeeded faster than we  could ever dream.

The first person I told was Auntie Sara, even before I told Dad! I texted her while I was still in the Doctors office;  just one word: Pregnant. Then she yelled at me for not telling Daddy First!  I called him and told him I had excellent news for him when he got home.  Then I waited. and waited, and waited, and finally he came in the door! I sat him down on the couch and told him that I had something for him. then I whipped out this plastic baggie of positive pregnancy tests He couldn’t believe it at first, but then he was SO happy, and I think both of us cried a little bit.

This week has been a Blur of  decision making, and I haven’t been super energetic, all the Body chemicals that come with a baby are exhausting, not to mention that I’ve already figured out that you DO NOT like ketchup! (Hopefully you won’t be a picky eater like your Dad) its been hard to give up My Sodas and beer and stuff, but Daddy is insistent, and is absolutely right: You deserve the absolute best chance I can give you. I plan to bring you into this world, and I want to give you everything I can to prepare you for it.

I love you already Jabigail.  I can’t wait to meet you.


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