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June 3, 2012

Good Morning Baby! Well, I say good morning but you are obviously not in a very good mood, because I am so so sick this morning!  This Morning sickness is absolutely killing me!  Your Tinker (My Mommy) says that she wasn’t hardly sick with me at all, and I don’t remember her being very sick with auntie Melody either. But you are not making mommy’s stomach very happy! I can’t really blame you for all of it, because I’ve always had a tricky digestive system. (it only takes a few repetitions of the word “Vomit” for me to do so) and all you seem to want to eat are Snow cones and rice cakes. (and BLTS)

Things you don’t seem to like: Ketchup, ginger, and Cooking Chicken 

In other news, Daddy had a long business trip that he just came back from. He went to Baltimore, and then to DC for one day. I missed him a lot, and I think you did too, because we kept waking up a few hours, wondering where he was.

We’ve decided that we’re going to use cloth diapers when you’re here, just until you get the hang of the Potty.

Tonight, Lisa and Andrea are coming for the Game of thrones finale, and we’ll tell them our good news. I think Andrea will be a little dazed, but she’ll come around when she meets you.

Everyone is going to love you, I know this, because I do already.

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