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baby crockett (king of the wild frontier)

June 12, 2012

Dear Baby,

Well did we ever get a surprise when we went to the doctor! Originally I had been told that you were due 1/22/13, based on how most baby making systems work, but when we went to see you at the OB, you were a whole week younger than we thought! that means that when I wrote to you last time and said you were 7 weeks, you were actually only 5 wks 5 days! Meaning we’re expecting you closer to the 31st!  On one hand I was upset because I really can’t wait to meet you (Confession: I was mostly thinking if the extra week of morning sickness)  but on the other hand, that means a whole less week of exposure to some of Momma’s less than good habits. When we saw you on the ultra sound you were a tiny little bead, with another fluttery bean next to it that was your heart.  The Tech kept saying “They” meaning babies in general, and I made her stop that and use the singular. There is only one of you in there, even though I was afraid/hoping that maybe there might be 2. buy one get one free, as it were.

Your heart was beating at 91 beats per minute, and the tech said what with you measuring so small, its a good possibility that your little heart started in the waiting room. Just as if you knew how badly I wanted to see it, so you made it be! That day we also met Dr Burt, who will most likely be the owner of the hands that yank you out of me. Hes a nice man with no strange ideas about pregnancy. he was very helpful and gave us a practiced spiel of do’s and don’ts, mostly do’s.  He was glad to know about the depo I had been taking previously, which would explain my ovulating late which would explain why you’re so itty bitty.

You now have clothes. Your Tinker came up last week to spend the day and we did a little shopping. She insisted, and you got a tiny little pair of socks with Turtles on them, and a pair of overalls and a stripe-y green and white onesie. She likes the idea that overalls were the first thing she bought you, since they were also the first thing she bought me. I resisted the actual buying, because you being here to use these things still seems so far away. I realize that eventually you’re going to need stuff, but…it seems like buying a bunch of stuff will jinx the whole situation. People tell me there is this thing called “Nesting” that will take care of that.

Granddada Peter also came to spend the weekend, and he gave us some good tips and encouragement.  “Earplugs” replace The Graduates “Plastics” as the buzzword of the day. the 3.05 of us went to the Science museum, and saw a show at the planetarium and the imax, and a huge exhibit about sharks. I think all that looking up must have angered you in some way, because the next morning I woke up not morning sick, but with a back ache like you wouldn’t believe! It has lasted 3 days, and Dr Burt says its my pelvis stretching things out, and that its completely normal. I don’t see whats normal about not being able to bend over or sit or get up or lie down without crying, but hes the doc (doc). Heating pads and warm baths are helping. I’m just glad that I’m not as morning sick and feeling this way, because it would suck to have to kneel over the toilet in this condition.

Daddy has been a superstar. I feel really guilty because he works all day and then comes out and makes dinner, does most of the housework and all of the shopping. I know I’m percolating a baby over here, but I’ve always thought that one of the main reasons our marriage works is because we both work really hard to make each others lives easier, and here I’ve gone and put all the pressure on him.  He assures me that its fine, but I can see the stress in his eyes. I hate to add to it.

I watched the season finale of Mad Men today and realized that when that show comes back, you’ll be here to watch it with me. I wonder if you’ll love/hate Pete Campbell as much as I do.


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  1. Tinker permalink

    It is so exciting that my baby is having her own baby!Sweet Pea, you are in for a life of being surrounded by so much Love!You have Parents who are devoted to each other and this makes them a super -tight parenting team.I am so Proud that your Parents are such hard working smart individuals.I think that- as you are part of both of them-You will also be a character to be reckoned with. with which to be reckoned? a son of a gun!!!!!
    lots of Love your Tinker

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