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Cloth Diapering

June 26, 2012

This is a Copy/paste of an Email my really good friend sent me in regards to cloth diapering. I post is here so others can get the benefit of her teachings:

The first thing you should know are there are different types of

diapers.  There are a lot of factors for you to think about when you
decide what kind you want to use.

The most cost effective would be prefolds and covers. This is what
your mom would think of when she heard cloth diapers.
Prefolds are pretty much just a flat cloth that you fold and use a pin
or something called snappis to hold the cloth together  You can buy gerber
prefold diapers at walmart or babies r us, but they are not as
absorbent as some of the ones you will find online.
Then you will need a cover to keep the wetness in.
These tend to be the bulkiest.  I’ve also been told that they are the
easiest to use with newborns.  We didn’t start CD until Will was 3
months old or so.

The next closest thing is fitted diapers with covers.
Again, fitted diapers by themselves are not waterproof, so you need
the cover to keep from leaking.
Fitted diapers usually have velcro or snaps to keep them shut, and
they are cut into the shape of a diaper.  They don’t need folding like
prefolds, and tend to be a little more absorbent.
I have a good friend that uses these, if you want more info on them
I’d be happy to ask.

We use what are called pocket diapers.
Pocket diapers are a waterproof outside with fleece or suedecloth on
the inside.  There is an opening to put an insert in.  Your pocket
diaper will come with an insert, but sometimes it is good to mix and
match.  The inserts can be made with different things.  Our stash is
made up of fuzzibunz, knickernappies, and rumparooz.

The closest thing to disposable diapers are called all in one.
These are the diaper, insert, and everything all in one.  These are
nice in that there aren’t any parts, nothing to fold or stuff, but
they take longer to dry.  I’ve used bumgenius all in one before.  We
have some small ones that are hand me downs that we started with.

Then there is something called hybrid diapers.
Hybrid diapers are a diapering system that uses a water proof cover,
and either washable inserts, or disposable inserts.  We have a few
g-diapers and have mixed emotions about them.  Court has some newborn
ones that we may try when bean gets here.

Now, some other things to think about.  Within each style of diaper,
you can get two types: sized, and one size.
Sized diapers will be the trimmest, but only fit for a short amount of
time.  As baby grows, you have to get different sizes to fit.  Then,
there are one size.  Most one size diapers have rise snaps on the
front and you can make them shorter or taller.  Fuzzibunz does theirs
a little differently.  The elastic in the legs and back are
You also want to think about whether you want snaps or velcro.  Velcro
has more ability to get precise fit.  Snaps, we have discovered are
better for older little ones.  Before he ouutgrew them, lo #1 could
undo velcro, but couldn’t get the snaps open.

Other things you might/ will need:

Detergent- you can’t use regular detergent on cloth diapers.  You will
need something that is unscented and doesn’t leave a residue.  Some
people swear by tide free and clear, but we still got some build up
with it.  We use Rockin’ Green Rockin’
Green is made here in TX, it’s actually just 15 or 20 minutes away
from our house.  The ladies who own it are SUPER awesome and helpful!
Any time I have a question about diapers, I ask them.  If they don’t
get back to you quickly, someone on their page will.  This is their
facebook page  What is great
about this soap is they have different formulas.  They do hard rock,
classic rock, and soft rock depending upon what type of water you
have.  We use the hard rock because our water is REALLY hard.

Liners- We use liners for our diapers.  It makes poopy clean up way
easier.  They are thin paper strips that sit in the diaper and you can
just dump poop in the toilet.  These are especially good when baby
starts eating solids.  Breast milk poop can just be put in the wash.
Formula tends to stain.

Diaper sprayer- If you don’t want to use liners, another option is a
diaper sprayer.  This connects to the toilet and is like a sprayer
that you’d have in the sink.  You can spray clean diapers before you
put them in the wet bag.

Pail liners/ wet bags- These are a must.  We use
wet bags.  Mostly we used smaller wet bags because lo #1 was in
daycare, but we have one or two bigger ones that hang in the room to
put diapers in too.  I’m a fan of the planetwise ones.


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