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September 13, 2012

Dear Baby 
I’ve fallen behind on this. Sorry I’ve flaked out on it, but life goes on. At your 16 week appointment (which actually took place at 17 weeks, since Daddy was in Chicago) you spent your very short U/S folded in half like a diver or a gymnast. full on pike position 
So try as the tech might, you wouldn’t give her a look at your parts. But hey, however you are comfortable. 

You had a milestone before you were even born! Sara and Nate came out from Florida, and we five (Sara, Nate, daddy, me and you of course!) went to a Chemistry set show. So that was your first concert! I wanted you to be able to hear it, and realized kind of quickly that even if you couldn’t hear it, you were definitely able to FEEL it. It was a great night, and as Daddy and I drove home, I was really struck by how much things have changed, and how much more they’re going to. Three days later you kicked me for the first time.  
Your latest trick is kicking me when its time to eat. let me make this clear that this is just about the ONLY time I feel you kick. its mostly around lunch time, but you do it for dinnertime too. sometimes when we’re watching TV, daddy will put his hand on my belly, hoping that you will kick him so he can feel it. No luck yet. Sometimes before bed, he’ll talk into my belly button like its a microphone, he tells you how much he loves us, and how excited he is to meet you. Can you hear him in there? When I talk, can you hear words, or is it just a sort of “Ohhwa wa wa wa” like in peanuts cartoons? I read out loud to you sometimes, just bits and pieces of whatever I am reading, trying to get you used to the cadence and sound of my voice. I’ve also been trying to watch my language, because I’m pretty sure if I don’t start now, your first words will be along the lines of a certain four lettered F word.  |

Remember that Just between friends sale we went to? the one where I spent $68? Well the company charged me $680! can you believe the oversight of some people? 
The Tuesday after labor day We went to target and registered for baby gifts. Daddy had taken an extra long weekend and we had lolled around the house for three days already, so we took advantage of the day and went to Target. Daddy did all the scanning, and I did all the freaking out. Eventually we got a list of 50 or so things, and I think between those things, and whatever else people come up with, we’ll be set. We put a few big ticket items on there, like a crib and the travel system we like, not expecting people to get it for us, but just to earmark the ones we had picked. Well out of all the things on the blasted list, the crib got purchased first! I’m pretty sure it was Daddy’s co workers, but I was just flabbergasted! 
that pretty much brings us up to date. today we have our anatomy scan, and I’m hoping its all solid, and that we get to see what parts you’ve got, then we’ll start to tackle the biggy: A Name.



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